Just a bit of annual stats

I used to be active in my blogging, but not so much anymore. I write the occasional post here in SFFM, sometimes some recipes in From Kitchen, with Love. I post photos in Instagram, but not daily, and really am no influencer 😉 Still, the stats are kinda cool at the end of the year, so let’s have a look.


I wrote all of 5 posts this year (I suppose this would be number 6 then), with a total of 8312 words in them. What would that make? Like 1662 words per post in average. That’s like an average high school essay there. No WordPress likes, no comments. Not that I expect any; they’re usually spam anyway 😂 I seem to have 10 followers, though.

However little I posted this year, there’s plenty of content in my blog, 1302 post spanning over almost two decades (starting with the stuff that was in Live Spaces looong ago), so there’s always more views than the just the new posts would bring, this year a total of 915 views by 625 visitors.

Disregarding the home page views (333), my six most popular posts this year were:

Of the pages, The Healing Diary had 25 views, and The Quote Collection 16 views (most my own probably 😂).

It’s a pity search terms aren’t available anymore; I always had such a ball looking at what searches brought people to my blog!

From Kitchen, with Love

This food blog of mine has way less posts, all of 308, 5 of which were posted this year. The views, however were a bit more than SFFM: 11200.

Top 5 posts all had over 100 views this year, and out of the top 10, only numbers 9 and 10 had less views than the top post of SFFM. And I don’t think I’ve checked out any of these top 10 posts this year myself. Oh, maybe that feta spinach pie. Possibly. At least I made on earlier in the autumn.


Hunh. Flicker still doesn’t really offer any yearly stats. There’s all time (Pro since 2008) and then there’s the most recent month.

All time. I have 13274 photos in Flickr altogether. So I guess an average year would see about 885 photos uploaded. That is approximately 8% of photos I take during a year. I think. At least used to be.
Past month. In the amount of photos you can see that I uploaded a bunch (since July) only yesterday.

My most viewed photos of all time:

Somehow those leather jackets and boots keep on keeping on in the top, still gaining new views. And I can’t help thinking that people who looked at my pussy willow photos were actually looking for pussy pics (yes, those exist in Flickr too).


I shared 213 photos in @sannamarilka, and got a total of 1498 likes. Here’s the top 9 photos of the year:

In the dogstagram, @hdd_doggos, I shared 193 photos and got 658 likes all in all. Top 9 of the doggos 2022:

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