The Co-Wave II Diary, part 1

After a practically Covid-free summer, the Corona pandemic wave two strated in Finland as people returned to work, schools were about to start again, and all those holiday covidiots had returned from their trips to god knows where. Voluntary quarantine is and oxymoron. If a person is moron enough to ignore the no-travel recommendations, they’re most probably moron enough to ignore any quarantine recommendations too.

Disclaimer: I write about my thoughts and opinions here; I am NOT a medical or political expert. I base my understanding of things on articles I read, and with all the contradicting studies and expert statements. I form my opinions and make my personal decisions on which ones I trust based on an overall picture.

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…but here I am, helping the future historians.

Day 1 – Mon Aug 8

After one (1) glorious week of having a life of my own, outside the house, without the family (oh, of course I still love them! just that it felt awesome to be without for a change), i.e. going to the office, having lunch with friends, getting my hair done at the hair dresser, doing a training onsite at a customer… here I am again, working from home.

I’m thinking that this time round my quarantine won’t be quite that absolute, since we have proper masks to use when going out, and since teen will be going to school normally again (at least according to current understanding). However, the remote work is advised and I decided that no, I will not go to dance classes (they start today), no matter how much I’d like to. I didn’t ban teen from going; she is still indecisive.

I have a bit of a battle fatigue, just like anyone. I’d like to ignore the stupid pandemic and go on with my life as normal. With the swine flu I did. Our family never took the vaccinations either. With Corona, I can’t. It’s different.

Just a little summary of the current situation here:

  • New Covid-19 cases are approximately 20 a day, plus or minus a bit (whereas in July it was like 2 a day)
  • The past 7 days total was 130 (whereas the previous 7 days was 60)
  • Currently there are 3 people hospitalized, none of them in ICU
  • THL and the government are still debating the benefit of the masks and whether or not to issue a mask recommendation to people
  • The govenrment is still thinking about restricting flights again, after allowing them in July
  • Festivals and other events are being canceled again

Our numbers are not a lot, as of yet, but the growth rate is a bit alarming. More than a bit, actually, thus the officials are in concensus that the second wave is “officially” here. I have started to monitor the situation again, after the summer break, and already last week I had my mask on when traveling by public transportation. I ordered some tiger snout masks for myself and teen, to wear on top of the boring KN95 protective mask. Should be getting them soon.

We were planning on getting some tickets to the opera for September, but now we don’t know again. Things could’ve stayed under control if they’d only kept the borders closed.

Day 2 – Tue Aug 11

This situation is currently making me rather angry. Due to some people’s selfishness, I need to isolate myself again. No opera (good thing we didn’t get the tickets yet), no office working, limited face to face socializing, no dance classes, no autumn kick-off irl for whole company. It’s harder this time over.

Also, last time things changed basically overnight, whereas now the government is again monitoring and planning a different approach, I think. Schools are starting this week, on site; teen is going to school tomorrow, though opted out of the dance classes as well. Dad asked us to our summer place for the traditional crawdad party, week and a half from now, and I don’t know if we can go, since he happens to be one of those who don’t take this very seriously.

I did go to the office today to do a certification test. Got a coffee from Espresso House on the way but only got to drink it after the metro ride to the office, since I was wearing my mask.

This cat is not amused.

Day 3 – Wed Aug 12

This stay-at-home business has its perks too, though. E.g. today, instead of leaving for the train station before 7am, I woke up at 7am. If it wasn’t for the Corona shits, I would be at Tampere currently, whereas now I’m at home, ready to make some lunch for myself (not one of the perks; I’m a bit tired of making every meal at home, which is why Wolt has become a semi-frequent thing in our household in recent months).

Perks of remote work: lunch break hottubbing

This year is just so fucked up. Murderer bees seem to have faded into oblivion already, but now there’s a wave of tarantulas in Colorado, and the locust plague from Africa has apparently reached Finland now too. We’ve found three locusts hopping around in our house, unlike ever before. Someone please just let them go already! Oh, no, I don’t know who “them” is…


Meanwhile, the Finnish government:
Should we wear masks? Is it more harmful to wear masks than not? Are there real benefits from wearing masks? Who says masks are actually beneficial? Should we trust them? Maybe we should wear masks. Our own studies say it might be good to advice people to wear masks. Maybe if we prepare a recommendation about wearing masks. Possibly we could carefully come up with a recommendation next week. It might possibly be good, probably maybe, but it can’t be mandatory, because the poor can’t necessarily afford them and that would be unfair.

They might actually come up with the recommendation tomorrow. That’s the word out in the media right now.

Day 4 – Thu Aug 13

I am tired of sweats and other “comfy homewear” and have been dressed in nicer clothes even while just staying at home where “nobody” sees me. I am tired of doing trainings with Teams where I cannot see the participants; video doesn’t help, since I have my screen shared. I just am tired of this fucking shit.

We have 41 new cases today, which is twice as much as the previous day. THL gave the mask recommendation today, as expected. I still haven’t got my tiger masks yet.

Day 5 – Fri Aug 14

So, everyone was supposed to be wearing masks in the public transportation. I gather it didn’t go exactly like that – I mean, it’s not really even enforces, just recommended – even in the trains where VR (the train company) was handing out free masks to everyone.

Our iconic “kivimiehet” (stone men) at the Central Railway Station got their own masks too (image from Stara)

As for me and my existance, walls are closing in, but there I was, working in our office for the day, until I called it a day and took a glass of wine to the terrace with me.

Day 6 – Sat Aug 15

The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day. I pulled a pair of my nicer shorts on and one of my nicer tops on, even though I doubt I’ll be going anywhere. Everyday now, I’ve dressed nicer just to be at home, just to feel better. I don’t know if it even works. I’m desperate to go somewhere, and I obviously could, but really, I never go anywhere anyway (except office on workdays), so I don’t know what my problem is.


In reality, I did not want to go anywhere. Not to the local mall with husband, nor shopping with teen. I read the whole day, sprawled in the deck chair, sitting in the shade of the umbrella, curled up on the sofa with all dogs next to me. Teen, on the other hand, left in the evening to be with her friends. I see no point in forbidding her, when she goes to school with them anyway. I simply reminded about keeping distance and masks. Like they would…

Schools are not in remote mode here currently. They have all sorts of safety measures by way of isolation of classes and other such things, though I really don’t know how much it matters. Their attempt, I believe, is to be able to quarantine as small groups as possible in case of contagion.

I, too, am going to see people on Monday. I have an onsite training coming up on Mon and Wed, and furthermore, I needed to make a dentist appointment for Monday evening. A piece broke off – tooth or filling, I do not know – as I flossed my teeth. Corona or no corona, got to get my tooth fixed. At least dentists wear masks and latex gloves anyway.

Day 7 – Sun Aug 17

We went out to the nature for the day. H, my step-daughter, all of the dogs and me. Teen stayed at home, sleeping for the whole day, I assume. She’d been out with friends and awake still at 4am though at home at that point already.

We went to Luutasuo, which is a lovely swampy forest area in the middle of friggin’ nowhere. Instead of doing the whole hike around the area, we walked down to the campfire spot and stayed there for a couple hours before walking back to the car.

There were a couple groups of people already when we came there, but we socially distanced ourselves by tying the dogs to trees some ways from the campfire and table and just staying away from the others ourselves. The others moved on after some time so we gradually spread our camp to the table and built a new fire to grill our sausages on.

We had a really good time! Dogs might have enjoyed it better had they been let free, but that wasn’t possible there. This outing did help my cabin fever quite a bit!

Driving out of our neighborhood to pick up H’s daughter, I noticed that at least a whole lot of people were finally starting to use the masks. People just walking down the street, waiting for bus on the bustops, here and there. Not there at Loppi, though, and even H forgot to wear his when he went to the store there.

Day 8 – Mon Aug 17

So I had a workshop at a customer this afternoon. There were four participants, two of which were in the meeting room with me, while the other two were remote in voluntary quarantine. One had just returned from a trip and the other one had visited a friend who had been mildly ill. During the workshop this latter one got a message that this friend has Covid-19. I think the workshop on Wednesday will be my last one on site for a while again.

After my workday I had some sushi at a little restaurant with no other customers than me. I wore my mask when going in but soon realised I cannot very well eat my sushi with my mask on, so I took it off and took my chances.

Couldn’t very well wear my mask at the dentist either, except in the lobby while waiting to be called in. Then again, I was the only one there, so I didn’t really see the point. The dentist first gave me some sanitizing mouth water to rinse my mouth with before they set to work fixing my broken tooth. I made another appointment for September to get my teeth cleaned – something I was supposed to do last spring – but let’s see how that goes then.

Came accross this video visualization of reasons of death in 2020, and it pretty powerfully tells the tale. I didn’t check the data, so who knows for real, but references seem valid.

Some specialists somewhere have said that with the rate Corona has been spreading these past couple of weeks, if somehting drastic is not done soon, we’ll have thousands of new cases per day by mid-September. For real, the rate has sped up rapidly: 286 new cases during the past fortnight, 126 the one before that. More than double. Daily rate is still approximately 20 +/- something.

Still, masks are not used very widely, despite the recommendation. I use it in public transportation and stores, but not really while walking outside. I try to avoid any crowds, though.

I was the only person in the bus when I left to go to the customer today, but since I’d already donned the mask, I kept it on.

Day 9 – Tue Aug 18

I’m still puzzled that I can be the only person in a busy post office and crowded bus wearing a mask. And when I note this in Facebook, there’s still people who comment something like “I’ll wear one when they deliver it in my mailbox” or “it’s only a recommendation anyway”. In the meantime, statistics are predicting a catastrophic September if things keep going like this.

I did visit my son today with D and the dogs, not wearing a mask while sitting in his living room for an hour or so.

Day 10 – Wed Aug 19

Today’s number is 29. Still not huge but going up.

Schools are still open basically in normal manner, but D talks about stuff like “contact lessons”, as in normal school periods in normal times, as some teachers are in quarantine waiting for Covid-19 results.

I was at this one customer again today, I assume for the last time in some time. I might need to go there later in September, but it will be only me and this other person in a big meeting room; others were online today too.

I had lunch with a friend of mine in Fafa’s on my way to the customer, sitting a bit diagonal at the table to avoid straight contact. After work I met D in Kamppi shopping center and had some convincing to do to get her to wear her mask. I was happy to find the somewhat cooler masks had arrived in the mail while I was out.

Now D can wear a less straining albino tiger mask while I have a regular tiger. The filter isn’t as good as those P3 masks – it’s PM2.5 – but I think they are good enough for most situations.

Day 11 – Thu Aug 20

The Internet is full of jokes about drinking through the coronageddon times and home schooling and whatnot, but I can’t laugh at them anymore, for when it is reality in your life – that someone in your family is drunk practically all the time – it really is far from funny. This pandemic time has capsized a whole lot of lives, and things will never be the same for any of us.

There’s stuff going on in our family, that I don’t care to discuss publicly, but that highly affects my mood. I am agitated and depressed and sad, and staying at home does not make it better. Still, I can’t make myself go to the office either right now, even though it would be an option; even less do I want to be around other people right now. I just want to be with my dogs.

Number of the day: 37.

Day 12 – Fri Aug 21

This whole shit is just as difficult now as it ever was. There’s more and more talk about how Corona won’t go away at all, that it will become something we just need to live with, like normal flu. It may be true, but it also may not be.

No one knows yet, whether or not there will be a vaccination that will snuff it properly. For sure we can’t go on not going anywhere and doing normal stuffs forever, but people want to listen to those who say Corona is the new normal, so just live with it. Those are the ones who travel against recommendation, who don’t wear a mask, who just don’t care – and base it on “it may never go away anyway”.

Our increased Covid-19 rates may actually be simply due to vaster testing, the actual rate of the contagion hasn’t gone up that much, nor has the amount of hospitalized people.

Original source of the image in Hesari

Still “no need for panic” != “let’s forget all precaution”. Nobody likes this. It’s just that some are sensible, most not.

Day 13 – Sat Aug 22

I may just take back all my ponderings of yesterday after the numbers of hospitalized people have started to grow too. Eight the day before, elven yesterday. Still, those who ask “how long are you gonna stay isolatedtrying to kill Corona anyway?” do have a point. Wash hands, wear masks, avoid crows, keep your distance. Maybe that just is the only way here. Basically that’s what I’m doing exactly. Me and H both.

D is a different story. She was out with her friends again last night, teens just are. I’m fully expecting highschools to be put back to remote learning very soon, for those teens simply will not stay away from each other – which is kinda natural, sure. The local highschool here (not D’s school) already was forced into it after roughly half the students had been exposed to Corona.

So last night D was out with friends, today we’re all going to our summer houes to visit my dad and his wife for a traditional “crawdad party”. Then again, he was ready to go on a trip to Riga sometime about now, and was sorry when it got canceled. I guess eventually we’ll all just be fucked.

Day 14 – Sun Aug 23

So we were at our summer house. And visited Ace’s breeder briefly, in the yard. D signed a rental contract – she is moving to her own place in the beginning of September. All sorts of things. This Corona time definitely speeded up her moving out of our house, everyone getting on everyone’s nerves, everyone staying in the house most of the time.

Day 15 – Mon Aug 24

In the spring it was declared that kids don’t get nor spread Corona much. Thus it was ok to keep the daycare centers going. Scanning throught the news today there’s reports of two daycare centers and two schools having Covid-19 esposure and quarantine measures. This from yesterday alone. There was at least one more from the day before. I guess the virus has mutated to hit kids better too? Or maybe it’s the teachers…

I read someone’s opinion that we’re past the worst in Europe, but I think we can see a whole lot of optimism in these statements because we want to believe, like Fox Mulder. Looking at the map below and reading the reports of cases going up in Finland and Germany and Italy and all other places, it doesn’t look good. Countries are closing their borders again, Finland too. The risen amount of cases cannot be explained by more extensive testing.

Here in Finland the amount of cases for the past 14 days has gone from 52 in the beginning of August to 336 today. 119 for the previous fortnight.

The biggest gtoup of Covid-19’ers is not the elderly, but the young and middle-aged adults. The 20-59 year olds. The active part of the population. The ones who travel (it IS the biggest source of contagion, traveling outside of Finland, no matter what people want to believe), those who attend mass events, those who go to night clubs and amusement parks etc. Those who work (and cannot or will not remote work). Those who crowd the public transportation.

Day 16 – Tue Aug 25

The latest Corona-related fiasko in Finland was the press release from our Ministry of Helath and Social Affairs (STM) where they declared that all gatherings of over 50 people are forbidden. A couple hours later, when all media had duly reported this, they announced (in Twitter, where else!) that the release had a “typo” – the restriction has not changed: it is still gatherings of over 500. Oops! We missed a 0!

Km/hour [yes, missing a 0 from the end]

I would have been happy if the wrong number had been the correct one, but there’s many people who rejoiced when they read that it was just a mistake. I cannot understand people! “But I want to enjoy my life as always!” “But it’s so boring when you can’t go anywhere!”

Yes, it is. But I’d rather be bored than sick for months, let alone dead (erhm, there’s many a time I wouldn’t mind 😉 ). Oops, I forgot it’s all a hoax!

Today’s number: 43. Then again, it might be 430 for real, for all we know, since the government seems to have the tendency to disregard the last zeros of numbers 😛

Day 17 – Wed Aug 26

Talked to my sister in California last ni first time in weeks. Not easy there either – or maybe even less – what with full distance learning (for her elementary and pre-schoolers) and now the smoke from forest fires, which prevents them from even spending time in their own yard!

I, on the other hand, braved the public transportation again today to go to the office. There’s more mask wearing people now than last week. My friend at work showed me his: a full on gas mask! He said he gets a lot of room in the metro wearing it 😀


On my way home I then saw a sad example of the side effects of people wearing those disposable facemasks: the bus stop trash can was overflowing with them.

In the US and Britain they seem to have a whole industry making all sorts of cool cloth masks with a pocket for a filter – like my tiger mask and another one that came in the mail today, ordered from They really should do the same here, maki cloth masks a standard, if only to reduce the amount of trash everywhere.

I’m sure there’s ecological issues in mass-production of cloth masks too, but still I somehow imagine it would be a better option.

Day 18 – Thu Aug 27

Life feels like a goddamn scifi movie anymore. Except for the extremely slow pace of things, but still. A movie where catastrophe succeeds catastrophe, where post-apocalyptic mask-wearing people walk around oblivient of another danger lurking just behind the corner. Or maybe it’s all just in my head. The tension, the suspension.

In the morning traffic most people were wearing masks, adding to the feeling of doom. I guess there was something irrationally comforting about people not feeling the need to wear them. And still I believe it’s entirely good that people do. Even D wears her faithfully now (unlike her bicycling helmet like ever).

I was at the office again today and had lunch at an Asian buffet with the gas mask wearing friend of mine. We keep distance in the office spaces in general; we have a rather large open office that has desks for maybe 60 people, plus empty meeting rooms and classrooms, so when there’s maybe ten or even fifteen people at the office, we spread around quite efficiently.

Number of the day is 17. Yesterday 21. Down again from the 40 or so.

Day 19 – Fri Aug 28

I stayed home again today. H is feeling a bit sick. He says it’s not Covid-19, I don’t think it is either, but how can anyone be sure anymore? I was going to go to the office again on Monday, but I might need to just stay put. Damn.

Today’s number is 23. D is going out again. In some way I’m glad she’ll be in her own appartment since she really does risk the Corona stuff way more than I’d like.

Day 20 – Sat Aug 29

H was feeling better this morning and I already wrote his yesterday’s sense of maladie as exactly that. He has this tendency to feel sick sometimes and then it falls through, comes to nothing. Later in the afternoon, however, he was feeling somewhat bad again. I told him to try the Covid-19 evaluation and call the Corona line.

He did the self help test and according to it it’s not probable that he’d have Covid-19. Symptoms don’t match.

As said these kinds of things come and go for H, who knows what they’re about, but probably have something to do with dust and pollen allergies and his chronic sinus issues. Normally I don’t think much about them. Now I already started to wonder if I would need to quarantine myself… This whole virus thing makes one so paranoid.

In other news, this Attila Hildmann in Germany is a scary beast (kinda old news, but I only read about him recently). Apparently he’s been ramping up his anti-govenrment rallies, his conspiracy theories, his mask slavery and permanent close-down threat scenarios and people of Germany listen. Again.

His message is said to be anti-semitistic and pro-Hitler (how one manages to tie these in to prevention and handling of a pandemic is a mystery to me) and the people of Germany listen. Again.

God knows what this goddamn Covid-19 time will cause in the world! Riots, wars, financial problems for countries and private people, psychological issues for individuals… We’ll be reaping the consequences for a long time.

Today’s number in Finland is seven. I mean, only seven!

Day 21 – Sun Aug 30

Just a regular home day. D is packing her stuff – she’ll be moving in only two days! H and I canned 14 jars of dill pickles. We still have a similar amount of cucumbers left for tomorrow.

Today’s number of new cases is 28. I wonder how many cases are out there unconfirmed since as I have understood, the Corona testing in Helsinki – the most Corona-infested area – is in a clusterfuck and people can’t get to the tests.

I read today that as previously suspected, people can be reinfected by Covid-19. Thus this whole idea of herd immunity (on which Sweden has based its Corona strategy) goes down the drain. Apparently though, having had Covid-19 once does seem to protect from the actual disease.

Day 22 – Mon Aug 31

Today THL finally lauched our national Corona tracking app “Koronavilkku“. Is it a threat? Is it a possibility? Is it a plot to track all of us? I’m sure conspiracy theorists of Finland will tear the app apart in days to come, but I definitely downloaded it and hope others do the same. One’s gotta have some faith… Plus it has been properly tested and found safe.

Today’s number is below ten again. Goes back and forth. Doesn’t look extremely bad currently, but I still take all safety measures. At least most of them. I am at the office again today and I did go to lunch with a friend. The restaurant had only a couple customers besides us; restaurants are surprisingly empty during lunch hours. I guess people really are remote working heavily and/or ordering lunch with Wolt.


Sitting in the metro with my mask on, on my way home, I was thinking that I’m getting a bit tired of breathing through it. I understand why people don’t want to wear them, but for me the option is more like not going to stores and public transportation if I don’t wear one.

Day 23 – Tue Sept 1

Just like with everything, people find a way to mess up nature. Now, of course, it’s the goddamn masks. The goddamn paper masks that people don’t know how to dispose of properly, tossing them into the nature instead. Places where animals and birds find them and apparently birds have been getting the straps tangled in their feet.

Thus, there is now the wonderful peace of advice floating around the interwebs: remember to cut the straps before disposing of your mask! I say: huh? If I do it correctly, my mask will be burned and no bird will be harmed and no one gives a rat’s ass about the straps being cut or not. If I’m idiot enough to throw it into the nature, I’m probably idiot enough not to care about any strap cutting either.

Then again, maybe this whole thing is totally American again. Maybe they don’t know how to burn trash, but still dump it all in huge piles where birds are able to scatter it all around? I keep forgetting they are both a third world country and behind most of the stupid shit in the Internet.

Number of the day is bigger again: 56. Also, there are reports of large amounts of people quarantined due to possible contagion in areas like Jyväskylä and Kuhmo, where the number of cases has been low or none so far. The exposure in Kuhmo started with a negative test result. Any one of us is a possible spreader, symptoms or no.


D moved to her own home today. I took her and her stuffs there – she has a furnished room in a shared apartment, so she only needed her personal belongings (and a dresser), but no furniture. Did a shopping in Prisma, a local super market, for some essential supplies. I saw some people wearing masks (besides me), most not. Even D didn’t haver hers…

Then again, THL has once again given some excellent statements, saying that we don’t really have an epidemic in Finland currently. It all depends on the definition, but somehow I find this kind of statements a bit dangerous, giving people false sense of security. That’s when shit hits the fan.

Day 24 – Wed Sept 2

During lunch time I was thinking to myself that I so very much just wanted to be at the office, out of the four walls of this house I’ve spent so much time “locked up” these past months. Half a year already!

Of course I haven’t been locked up anywhere plus I stay home a lot anyway, but it feels like it. When you need to weigh the necessity and safety of anything and everything you do, decide when you need to wear a mask and who you can socialize with. Like whether it’s ok to give a friend or two a ride in your car after a kayaking trip.

Yesterday we went kayaking in quite severe winds with a bunch of friends from work. There were only two of us with cars, so I gave a ride to three friends – two of them to the nearest metro station, the third one to his car since it was in the direction of my home. I decided it was ok. Anyhow, we’ve been spending time together at the office too, having lunch together and whatnot.

Kayaking somewhere off the Helsinki coast, with the wind 8-10m/s, waves a meter or so tall at worst. So much fun!

Number of the day is 19. Going kinda steady.

Day 25 – Thu Sept 3

Even though I’d again just want to hop on the bus and go to the office to socialize, here I am, sitting at home. I’m really not a very social person per se; I like my solitude, I don’t invite people to visit, I don’t want to visit people much, I like my dogs better than most people. Still there is a part of me who is starting to feel the void of human interaction in the form of simply chatting about everything and nothing.

Teams meetings are not so business only anymore, at least not with colleagues; there’s a lot of simple chitchat involved. There’s more non-work related cahtting in Teams private chats too. And of course there’s the few good friends at work, whom I miss quite a bit. WhatsApp and Teams and some occasional calls are not the same as seeing face to face.

We live in strange times. Our company holds classroom trainings again after a several month break, but I don’t. Which means that my trainings are online only or transferred to a different consultant if the customer wishes to have a classroom training anyway. Most don’t but some do.

Next week I’ll be doing a three day training from my office cave here at home. I admit, it is not optimal. I too would like to be able to do classroom trainings. To see the faces of the participants. To have the natural interaction during the days. It all is missing in Teams, no matter what you do.

Anyhow, today’s number is again 39. As many have noted, the daily numbers vary partly because of the delays in the test results, but it all adds up in weekly and biweekly numbers, which are in a slight incline all the time. Currently past 14 days: 365, previous 14 days: 293.

Day 26 – Fri Sept 4

Fatigue. General fatique, but also plague fatigue. It’s more mental than anything. More about the understanding that this situation still stands, will stand and is not going away anytime soon. The understanding that we will be living in weird times indeterminately. The understanding that most people just don’t care – maybe the fatigue has got to them or maybe they never did care.

Obviously my thought that I would have less exposure when D moved to her own place was a bit overly optimistic. She visited already yesterday and I’m going out with both my kids on Sunday, to celebrate S’s birthday; he turned twenty on Tuesday. I don’t think I’ll be isolating myself from them anymore. Que sera, sera. I’m careful otherwise.

We have 25 new cases confirmed today in Finland. The Corona tracking app is not really giving any notifications yet, for the amount of people with a diagnosis code are still too few. But there it is, on my phone too, now integrated to the iOS after the update. Seriously weird times, I say.

Day 27 – Sat Sept 5

Another Corona-Saturday at home. Doing nothing really, yet doing all the stuff I want to do on a day off. Some writing, some reading, some walking with the dogs and taking photos. Just a leisurely day at home. A day like any other, Corona or no Corona.

Hands-free with my camera

Reading Facebook and the news makes sure you remember that there’s a pandemic going on even when you don’t otherwise even notice it. Our number today is 36, and hundreds of people have been quarantined due to exposure in recent days. Here and there around Finland, not just in Helsinki.

Day 28 – Sun Sept 6

I gathered up my kids and went to the Itis shopping center for a birthday meal and a little bit of shopping. I wore my mask, but my kids didn’t. Most people around didn’t.

The situation currently is strange in the way that people are less isolated than in the spring time, there’s more Covid-19 cases now than in July, yet the amount of people hospitalized is constantly around 10 +/- something, the amount of patients in the ICU is like 0-1, and there’s barely any Corona-deaths. Even with the elderly not isolated anymore.

What does this mean? Is it good news? Has the virus weakend and isn’t as deadly anymore? Does it mean that we could start treating it like regular flu now? Do the consequences lie elsewhere? Is the disease still lasting several months? Do we still need to be scared of the virus?

It’s difficult when you just don’t know. You make the best decisions you can – and they may be enough but they also may be too little or an overkill. I play it rather safe than sorry, but how long can I go with that?

Day 29 – Mon Sept 7

36 new cases of Covid-19 in Finland today. One new death. Hundreds of highschoolers quarantined in a few different schools. D sent me a message today telling me she’s got some flu symptoms, “just small ones”, but enough that she couldn’t go to school. She’s always sick this time of the year. “If it prolongs, you’ll need to get tested for Corona”, was my reply. She said many of her friends have been tested, negative, recently.

Our Corona app is still more or less futile – according to THL so far 41 people have inserted the diagnosis code into the app. Forty-frigging-one! No wonder there’s no alerts anywhere yet.

Day 30 – Tue Sept 8

The message I’ve been waiting for came today: someone in D’s school has Covid-19 and part of the highschool has been placed in quarantine. D’s class is not among them, but D herself has a sore throat now. I honestly don’t know when is the time to start thinking about a Corona test. A bit of sore throat in the autumn time with no known exposure is hardly reason enough.

Day 31 – Wed Sept 9

I can still remember how we all had the usual high hopes for a New Year. How we were cheerfully wishing each other a happy new year, hoping it’s a good one. Little did we know. It has been a nightmare. A low budget B-class sci-fi movie. I dare say no one will even dare wish anything for the next year to come. Saying that it can’t be any worse than 2020 feels like cruising for a bruising.

I have been caved up for three days now in our underground office, doing a training. The walls are closing in, even though yesterday I ventured to the post office and grocery store in the evening. I’m kinda glad I have a reason to go to the office tomorrow. I’m getting out for a day.

Today’s number jumped up to 93. Either they managed to get results for a shitload of pending tests today or things are actually ramping up…