Stubbornness Day

It’s the evening of Finland’s Independence Day. In Finnish, the words independence (itsenäisyys) and stubbornness (itsepäisyys) are very close to each other, so we, the people with the national feature of “sisu” (the stubbornness to go through granite if needed) often call our Independence Day the Stubbornness Day, Itsepäisyyspäivä, for we also are a people who love to bend words. Ask any foreigner who’s been living here for a while. Finns are incourageable about nicknaming everything.

When it comes to this stubbornness, my American born (as American as the average American is, excluding the Native Americans) husband fits perfectly in with the stubborn, head-strong Finnish people. Jääräpää. That’s the compact Finnish word for it. Not giving up even when it’s the reasonable thing to do. Maybe that’s where Nokia and Rovio came from, and what eventually killed Nokia and is currently killing Rovio too. Jääräpäisyys.

It’s not a negative thing in itself. It may become such, if it you relentlessly refuse to acknowledge the realities and signs of e.g. development developing past you. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the worst case scenario is probably exhausting your wife by not going where the fence is the lowest (Finnish idiom literally translated) but aiming higher than seems reasonable. Yeah, it worked in the end. (Deja vu, I’m sure I’ve had a dream of this before).

So, our Independence Day dawned (barely) with sleet coming down sideways. That’s what you get for having the Independence Day in December in a country that is intersected by the Arctic Circle. We got out of bed around 11:30 despite waking up at around eight. We made cappucinos, took the dogs out and came back to make some omelettes.

After that it was time to start the kitchen remodeling thing. In an old house like this, anything you try to do: obstacles. We’ve been trying to tackle those regarding the kitchen for a couple weeks already, but still my husband had to go to the hardware store once again yesterday. And we were missing some parts today, to accomplish everything we would’ve wanted to, but obviously the stores were closed today.

Still, we did get a whole lot done today (and last night, as H wanted to do stuff still in the evening and late to the night time), including getting the freezer and microwave cabinet into its place, which resulted in enough cabinet space to be emptying one box and three Ikea bags into it.That was like, wow! H said I looked like I really had been deprived of cabinet space, judging by the euforia I was in while putting stuff in the cabinet.

Um, yeah.

In the evening it was sauna time. This time no Swedish sauna, but a proper Finnish sauna with the quicksilver (or ethanol or whatevs) climing on the plus side of 85 degrees C. The gods dogs got washed too. Sauna clean dogs and humans, drowsy and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Actually, everyone else is already sleeping. So I’ll just finnish this post and my wine and go brush my teeth and go to sleep too.

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