Cold to the core

Snow has been coming down in Helsinki again for days and again. Today the temperature climbed somewhere slightly above zero, though, making the world wet and the downcoming snow sleet, almost rain. Somehow more familiar than these heavy snow winters, that sleet is, even though I can remember winters like this from my childhood too. But my own kids needed to wear some “tecs” when they were small, to avoid being soaking wet all the time.

I had the idea to walk to the store today. But when I stepped out of the door and took a look at all the snow hanging from the roof right above my car again, I knew I needed to move the car to a safer place. So while I had to start the car anyway, we rode it to the store too, wondering on the way, where the h*ll to put my car again, anyway. Our driveway is kinda problematic with all this snow.

For the lack of any better ideas, I left the car on the side of the street, thinking that since the snow was pretty much melting as it landed, ther probably wouldn’t be any snow plows and my Honda would be safe right there. But as it often happens, the temperature started to drop again towards the evening and snow piling on the road, as well as of course on the driveway where it actually had more or less stayed on the ground all day long, on top of the old snow and ice. I needed to come up with a plan B.

In the meantime we had heard the neighbor start pushing the snow on the driveway, and feeling a bit guilty for not shoveling the snow at all for a couple days now, I went out to help him. Except that he wasn’t there anymore, he’d only done a little bit behind our house. So anyway I started pushing the hellishly heavy snow, did as much a I could before I was down with an asthma attack. It gets me every time.

A couple hours had past since this clearing the driveway when I started to think about that plan B. At first, I simply tried to park my car as much to the side as I could so that the neighbors still had enough room to pass. But as soon as I had done that, I noticed that it didn’t really work, so I tried to manouver my car away and maybe take my chances with the snow plows. After all, I am leaving bright and early (what a silly idiom to be using right here and now; it definately is not bright yet at seven, this time of the year).

But. What happened next was what I sort of had been afraid would happen next. My car skidded and slid and slipped until it was diagonally in the uphill driveway, its butt in the snow wall. And not moving to any direction anymore. So I had no other option than to go ask my down-with-the-flu man to help me. And of course he did ❤

So together we shoveled and pushed away a load of snow from all around the car, and then he pushed the car enough for me to get it out of its icy shackles. Then, with the car in the middle of the driveway, we dug into the snow big time. I cut the snow wall on the side of the driveway into chunks of snow and we pushed and shoveled it away to make more space in the yard.

[Somewhere there is a car… not mine, though]


Finally I managed to back my car up right beside the wall in a way that still left room for the neighbors to come and go. I needed to climb out from the passanger side.

After this whole ordeal I was wet and cold to the core, chilled to the bone. I dried my hair as best I could and crawled under my nice thick blanket to defrost. My hair seemed to like the moisture though: it went all perky with corkscrew curls – the only good thing I could come up with about this sleety business… Did I ever mention how much I hate snow and cold?

[Yes, it can be beautiful too]


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