Out of England

The morning was gray, after one day of sunshine. I packed my tiny trolley and padded down to the tiny breakfast room for a cappucino. Yesterday I had peeked inside just enough to notice the coffee machine advertising cappucino among other special (and regular) coffees, but hadn't tried one since I knew I was going to have some breakfast and presumably coffee at the training place. But today already knew that that coffee was passable at best. So I got a cappucino at the hotel. Should've passed… Yuch.

I took a couple of sips and decided to start walking towards the training location and stop at the Starbuck's I had noticed yesterday en route. Real cappucino! Happy with my hot paper cup in hand I continued to the training location for the second and final day of training, and some news and facebook while having a bite for breakfast, before the wi-fi got all clogged up from everybody trying to connect at the same time.

Once the training day was over, I had some extra time to pass, so I ventured to Victoria Station with my luggage and traipsed around the small stores there, getting a bite to eat and an Autumn Orange Sunset Latte from Ritazza. But still no M&M's from any of the kiosks and grocery stores at the station. I thought about stashing my luggage in a locker and walking down to Buckingham Palace, but I didn't really feel like walking around. And I looked at the schedules of some bus tour at a ticket stand where the ticket guy made my day when he asked: “Looking for a bus tour, young miss?” 😀 but the bus tour would've taken too long.

So I idled at the station some more, watching the live advertisement or whatever it was – “The Comic Strip Presents: Five Go to Rehab”, with four people made to look like characters out of the comic book stand still – and finally I decided to simply take the train to the airport. I'm like that, jittery if I'm on a tight(ish) schedule, unable to relax and consenntrate on doing something while waiting. It's easier to be here and relax while waiting for the flight.

Besides, I now had time to walk around the tax frees without being in any hurry, and I found that bag of M&M's, finally 😀 Oh, I know I can get them from almost any store back home too; they're just usually in bigger bags and a bit cheaper almost everywhere else, including the airports.


Here in the airplane I have the full three seats all for myself. So after getting completely tired of trying to read some email and facebook and news that just did not load with this almost-working sky-high internet connection, and too tired to watch a movie I've already seen anyway, I tried to stretch out on the seats and maybe sleep a bit.

But I simply was not able to make myself confortable! Arms and legs started losing blood circulation, my hip and shoulder and elbow and wrists and back and whatnot hurt, and I wanted a blanket and a pillow. I used to be able to sleep in cars and planes and where ever when younger. Despite what the bus tour ticket guy said, I'm getting old.

And damn tired of messing with internet connections. At least the one at home finally works, my man told me today. Yey! I'm almost home ❤

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