Raining on and off

It was just another Tuesday. Our new bright light lamp woke me up at 7:13, my phone alarm went off two minutes later like every work day. I let the bright light slowly get me started, wake up my brain. At 7:38 I finally dragged myself out of bed and to the kitchen to fix some cappucinos and dog breakfast while husband took the dogs out for their morning pee.

The morning air was damp. Not cold, but with a cool breeze. I have already switched to autumn wear; my new California style boots and favorite leather jacket. I was feeling stylish with my little skirt and boots and jacket. Off to the office. It was the second and final day of a training.

After a day of teaching, I was walking out of the office and towards the bus station when my phone rang. Husband was calling. He was taking the oldest girl to the stables and between the middle one being at dance class and youngest bicycling somehere with her friend, the dogs were alone and screaming and in need of a walk. I concluded that I'd be home in 45 minutes, the dogs will just need to hold until I get there.

I heard two sets of paws running to the door as I fumbled with my keys to unlock it. Meggie was jumping on two feet, Timmy was going around in circles. I shooed the dogs away, telling them to calm down (with Timmy, it actually works, but with Meggie, yeah right, LMAO!), took off my boots and jacket and pantyhose, trying to protect it from getting runs from the dogs' toenails.

And it started raining. I settled down on the sofa with the dogs, waiting for the rain to cease. It didn't. I was thinking of the girls out in the rain, when the thunder struck. Husband came back home, daughter called that she and her friend were stranded at a beach a few kilometers from home, sitting in a little changing booth, waiting for the thunder and rain to stop.

I told them to lock their bikes and hold on. I was coming to pick them up. In the end it was husband who did, while I took the dogs out in a light drizzle, and then started cooking dinner for the girls and the dogs. Husaband came home with a girl whose pants were totally soaked. She was barefoot, holding the pants in one hand and drenched shoes in the other. I ordered her to take a hot shower.

Having finished cooking, I hopped in the car and set off to pick up the oldest girl from the stables. Car radio was blasting an old(ish) Foo Fighters album that took me to times and places from years ago. “Why'd you have to go and let it die” took me to the traffic lights on my way home from work, the moment when I heard the song for the very first time. “What if I say I'm not like the others” had me traveling beyond Lahti towards Lehmonkärki.

At the point of my exit from the motorway to Klaukkala, the album had advanced to “Long road to ruin”. I was driving on, remembering how I had been listening to the same song on my way to work so many years ago. That is, driving that same road to the other direction, towards the motorway.

I picked up a happy girl from the stables. No thunder during their riding class (whew), and it had been a good one. My little girl (haha, she's taller than me ;) ) had been riding a horse as tall as me again. I tell you, it's scary business for a mom! But she loves riding, and whenever I see her on a horse, I can see her connection with the animal.

Today I worked at home. Took a break at lunch time, long enough to take the dogs out with husband. It was almost sunny after a morning of constant rain. Youngest daughter came home after school with her friend and husband took them to the beach to get their bicycles. Sure enough it started to rain again; the girls rode home a bit later, when the sun was shining for a while.

Right around that time I decided to call it a a day and take the dogs out again. I left in sunshine, with my sunglasses and all. Halfway to our walk it started to drizzle again. The sun was still casting shadows, but rain was falling. I didn't have my rain coat, so I was totally wet by the time we got home, since the rain rapidly became harder.

I'd been home for maybe five minutes when the first lightning and thunder cracked around us, once again. Rain fell down hard, the thunder was pretty much right above us. Hail started hitting our yard, ice balls with a diameter of 1cm or so. The youngest daughter went prancing our in the rain, collecting ice balls from our deck. She even had a a little ice ball fight with husband :D

And then it was over. It was still (or again) drizzling a bit when we went out for the last walk of the day, a couple hours later. Probably will be, for most of the night. The weather forecast is predicting thunder for days to come. I don't remember another thunder season like this in my life!



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