Down by the sea

It's August already, but the summer still goes on. The weather forecast for next week shows slight cooling, but 22-24 degrees C is still uncharacteriscally warm for mid-August. Even more so is this near 30C we have been experiencing for weeks already. I don't complain! Au contraire! I wouldn't mind summer all year long.

Be as it may, summer is slowly but surely trotting towards its end. Next week the rains will be setting in, as usual in August. Even the skies cry when schools start 😉 This weekend has still been wonderfully sunny and warm. Today, I guess, we'll just be taking it easy at home, but yesterday we went for a little outing by the sea in Porkkalanniemi.

When I was young, we – my ex and me – used to go there a lot with our friends. The scenery is beautiful, it's fun to hop along the rocks, there's fire places to cook sausages in. We even used to take the girls there sometimes, once having our cat with us when it was very small (it was only 8 months old at the time of the divorce). My ex knows the little roads and ways to the nice places way better than I do. Probably that is exactly why we haven't ventured out there before yesterday. I've been unsure of where to go there.

Last week one of my friends at work started talking about Porkkala to me, telling me about their outing by the sea the previous evening. I got the spark to go there, try to find the way to the spot I wanted to find. So yesterday we packed some lunch with us and drove down to Porkkalanniemi. Me, husband, the dogs and the two youngest girls. Our teen claimed that she needed to chill at home to prepare her mind for the new school year. So be it then 😉

We drove down the windy road, husband saying that if he had a manual transmission Maserati, that was the road he'd take it to test the corner hugging capabilities. Automatic transmission is not exactly the best thing on a road like that. I take his word for it, since I've only driven that road (or anything similar) myself with a stick shift. I've only had my automatic little car for two years; drove a manual until then.

We found our way to the general area of the trails and parks, the very tip of the peninsula. We parked the car in the spot where I vaguely remembered it should be parked to get where I wanted to get – there are many sites there, some more and some less suitable for dogs – and we started walking down the dirt road. I checked the info map which was not informative at all and we continues until we came to bridge with a sign that the public area ends.

By that time husband had actually retrieved the car already to parking place closer to that area, but we were disappointed when we realized it was not the place where we wanted to be. I tried to google a bit with my cell, and finally came to a conclusion, that we should just pick any trail, but they all start from the vicinity of our original parking spot!

At that point husband recalled the sign he had read out loud, somewhere there near that parking area. “Porkkalanniemi 13km”. I had dismissed this because of the insane 13km, but finally my brain connected the dots and I excalaimed: “That is the trail exactly!” “13 kilometers!” screamed the girls from the backseat. “Nope, 1 point 3 kilometers! 13 km is already way out to the sea. That sign must have a point between the numbers.”

Sure enough it did. Reading it from a distance you can't see it, but up closer, there it is. 1.3km. We started down the trail, letting our dogs loose. Huge mistake! Leave it to the little rascal to find other people down the trail and start yapping and barking and raising hell, the other one following suit. Meggie is a bit poor at listening in those situations, but when Timmy started back to us, Meggie followed him, and we snapped the leashes back on.

We walked that 1.3km down to a cooking area and past it to the seafront. We camped there on the rocks, tossing our backpack, sandals, extra shirts etc. in a corner on the shore, and let the dogs loose again. Huge mistake, again! Timmy went to beg some attention from this party and that, sitting in other peoples' laps and whatnot. Not that anybody seemed to mind too badly; he's a friendly dog. Meggie started off to the unknown, Timmy soon in tow. When husband finally caught up with the two, they were leashed again.

Tied up to a rock, our two rascals lay down to chill, had some water and snacks. Timmy effectively napped there, but Meggie was always the alret guard dog. Our blondie girl went for a swim, sliding the slipperi rock to the sea. Husband soon joined her, while I sat there next to the dogs reading my (e)book and the almost-teen napped in the sun like Timmy.

After we had our lunch, I went to explore the surroundings a bit and found the steep hills on the other side of the tip. I regeretted leaving my camera behind, so I retraced my steps to retrieve it. That's when our blondie-girl decided to come explore with me, and with Meggie being eager to join too, off we went, me blondie and Megs (very much leashed 😉 ). We traveled the rocks bare foot until we came to the edge of a forest and decided it was time to head back.

It was already almost five in the evening, the sun was still hot, but we knew it would be over and hour before we were back home again, and we still needed to prepare dinner once we got home. Blondie went for one last dip and then we packed our stuff and started back to the car.

Right there by the cooking area, the trail sort of vanished. We were too much to the right, I realized, and going a bit to the left I did indeed find a trail. “A” being of essence here. For after some time, we realized it was not the same trail we had walked before on our way to the seaside. Since it seemed to lead us to the right direction, we decided to just keep following that one.

There was a point, where none of us new exactly where we were and whether the trail had already taken us too far, beyond the parking area. I dug out my phone and checked my gps; still sort of in the right area, but soon the path should turn down the hill. It did too, and finally intersected with the original trail we'd traveled. And there was the road and the parking area, right around the bend.

Tired from the day in the nature and the hot sun, we scrambled into the car, both dogs accompanying the girls on the backseat since there was room there, what with the teen staying at home. It was a good day out by the sea 🙂 Saturdays are the best days ❤


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