The feisty and the tramp

[Koiratarinaa voi lukea suomeksi koirablogista Meggien maailma ja vähän Timmynkin]

Of course, both of them have been tramps, and neither is one anymore.

Meggie has been with us for eight months now. She's definately feisty, yet still quite nervous in many situations, but she's very much at home with us already. She's quite shy and timid, too. We started to think that she might benefit from a pal, her own pal. A slightly bigger boy dog, preferably. So we got Timmy. And he really has a valming effect on Meggie 🙂

Timmy is a two year old Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz – Andalucian rat terrier – who used to live in the streets. He was friendly towards people and mostly they were friendly to him. He was well fed and ok. But like all stray dogs, one day he was caught too, and taken to the pound. He got depressed and didn't eat. He was taken to a foster home and a week ago he came to Finland. On Thursday, July 31st, he came home to us and joined our family.

Timmy is a wonderful dog, who has taken to our family very nicely! They get a long with Meggie – albeit both of them are a bit jealous of the attention the other one gets. He loves to be scratched and to get belly rubs. He trots nicely in the leash, and when free. He comes when he is called. He has a calming affect on Meggie. He goes to interfere when a bigger dog is bullying a smaller one.

We have been walking to Haltiala, letting the dogs run free between and on the fields. The dogs got their own drink there at Haltiala farm – a big container of fresh water – while we had a couple of drinks ourselves. Yesterday and today we went to the Rajasaari dog park island, where the dogs got to run free and swim. Except that our babes don't really like to go to the water too much. We took them to swim a couple times anyway, to cool them down.

After all the excitement of the days, both dogs have been exhausted in the evenings. They just curl up into firefox mode and fall asleep, or stretch out on the bed like they're dead 😀 Last night Timmy climbed straight to bed, after sleeping on the beddings on th floor the previous night. We'll see where he chooses to sleep tonight. Right now he decided on the beddings.

Timmy is still a little bit confused dog, but doing good. He seems to adapt much faster than Meggie did. Still, it will take time for him to really feel safe and fully at home. Little by little, day by day, moment by moment 🙂


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