Little big things

It so happens, that life has thrown the dice again, and everything on top of each other has turned my past days and immediate future into a rather stressful time. Still, we make the best out what we have and so we have been prodding along, doing things at home and outside.

As it went, I had to take the oldest daughter to see the doctor on Friday, and the doctor looked and heard me too, and wrote the rest of the day off for me. I was at the end of my rope. Now I’m a bit better after a few days of rest. Tired, emotionally exhausted, but a bit better than Friday. Enough to go to work again tomorrow.

We made some nice plans for Friday afternoon. To get some dirt, eat some lunch, go buy some new bikinis for the girls and go down to this lake for the sunny late afternoon. Husband went for that dirt, but didn’t find any in the garden store closest to us. We got the bikinis, but as we were driving back home from the shopping center, the clouds rolled in. So much for the outing at the lake. Besides, dogs aren’t aloud on the beach.

The girls then watched Transformers from Netflix all evening long, while my husband and I went to get four big bags of dirt from a different store. We got some oregano too, and a few other things, and by the time we returned home, the rain had stopped. We spent the rest of the evening in our garden putting our tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis etc. in the ground and planting some oreagano and thyme.

Yesterday was stable day for oldest daughter. I took her to the stables in shorts and a string top, thinking that summer had come. Friday had been so warm again. I was cold. The wind was so cold. And while the kids and the horses were out riding, a thunderstorm passed. Not very close, not even close enough to rain on them, but enough for the horses to become a bit restless.

We had checked the weather forecast and planned our lake trip for Saturday after riding class, but had to cancel it again. The sky was heavy with rain clouds all around. A little later the skies started to clear a bit though, so finally we did pack our backpack and head to the Nuuksio national park for a little outing and sausage grilling.

We let the dog loose on the field, where she was having fun running around, hopping like a cangaroo in the long grass and playing with the oldest daughter while the rest of us were throwing a frisbee. Up until she felt the call of the sheep grazing in a near-by area, loosely fenced with something that definately holds sheep but not our little terrier. Through she went and had to be leashed again.

We did a little walk through the forest and returned to the camping area where some other family had already started a fire in the fire place. We joined in and grilled our sausages in the camp fire while they grilled their meat sqewers and some marshmallows. On our way home we stopped at Munkkiniemi beach for some ice creams as the sun was already hanging low.

It was a rather nice evening after all, even though the girls had put on such a fight over needing to move their butts and go out.

Today we got them moving a whole lot more easily, and after I had returned from my sister’s (we went through the rest of mom’s stuff, everything that she had left in my sister’s storage room upon moving back to Las Palmas) we made some lunch, packed some sandwitches and other snacks into a backpack and headed to this island dog park Rajasaari for a few hours.

It’s a very nice place! Practically the whole island for dogs, fenced with a sufficient high fence on the side that is reserved for some boats. Rocks, forest, sandy beaches, all for dogs and their owners. No worrying about dogs running away (when the sea is ice-free ;) ). A whole lot of dogs swimming there, but not our wee Meggie. Meggie dislikes water seriously.

We spent at least a couple hours there, walking around, sitting on the rocks, eating our snacks, letting our furry friend roam free around us. Sometimes she just explored the surroundings by herself, sometimes with the youngest daughter, and sometimes engaging in some play with other dogs.

We came home with the sun still high. Youngest daughter went out to the field to try out our boomerang with step-dad, while the oldest one stayed home to read a book and I fiddled with my blog posts. Nothing seemed to work for me today. Or during the past days. The middle daughter is with her mom.

Weekend is almost over. It has been a quite good one, all in all and after all. Tomorrow it’s back to work again.


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