Just a fancy title for a post of this and thats. Impressions is the title of my art diary, a notebook I use for just random drawings and paintings, the impressions that I’d rather illustrate than describe in writing (though, most commonly I do both). Impressions is also the hashtag I decided to use for the drawings or paintings I publish on my Artzy Bunny Facebook page, when they are originally from my Impressions art diary.

The first thing Facebook showed me this morning was a picture of me and my Honda Civic 7 years ago. At the time of purchase it was three years old, had 18000km on the odo and was the first car I’d ever owned myself. Still, four years ago I traded it for a new Honda Insight, automatic transmission (which was the only real enhancement, if you don’t count the stereo supporting USB stick). I still miss my Civic. It was a damned nice car, the sports model having enough power, the smallish car being agile enough, the ride smooth and easy, a car matching my temperament perfectly. Some day, I will be driving a Civic again. Don’t get me wrong, our Mercedes is nice. It’s just so huge!

I woke up this morning with a bit of a headache. We had a nice sauna last night and even though I did drink almost a liter of sparkly water (with a bit of grapefruit juice in it) while in sauna, I guess I didn’t rehydrate myself properly afterwards or something. I have been without alcohol (and sugar and white/fast carbs) for a month now and generally haven’t had any headaches during that time. I’ve been feeling fabulous, even my spirits have lifted, and I’ve slowly but surely started to lose these extra kilos I had gained during the past year or two. Life has been a bit hard since my mom died two years ago, and even more so after my grandma died last August.

It’s almost mid June and the weather has gone from summery May to a cold and rainy June. Kind of normal, though. I just hope we’ll get a proper July this year, not a stromy cold one like last year. We’re in the June birthday zone now. A few days ago my mom would’ve turned 63. Today, my beloved hometown Helsinki is celebrating it’s 466th birthday with the traditional Helsinki Day. Tomorrow is my turn, and after that a bunch of my ex-relatives ave their birthdays. At the end of June my older niece is turning four.

Yesterday I was having an artsy day. After doing the one garden job I had planned for the day – planting the black currant bush my dad gave my younger daughter for ending elementary school – I took out my water colors and paint brushes and painted a picture of that little bush in my Impressions notebook, then moved on to paint a starfish card, then went out to the yard with our acrylic colors and brushes and I painted a pheasant. Later in the evening, while warming up our sauna, I decided to try out the oil pastels and drew a colorful fish card. I felt relaxed and somehow satisfied.

Painting and drawing does that to me. I don’t have the patience to color these mindfullness coloring books, someone else’s drawings with little details. They couldn’t interest me less. I need to create myself, even if I’m no Monet. I need to experiment and try out things and learn on my own. Even the idea of taking some drawing lessons agitates me. To me, the whole process of letting it flow from within, even if the result is not technically as good as it could be with some studying, is the most important thing. Just like in writing, too. Since school, I haven’t studied writing and I don’t want to.

Another thing about this cool time of early summer is the ticks. About a month ago we applied this tick repellent liniment on the dogs. Most apparently it has now worn off. They do say it only lasts for four weeks. Last night I tried to slap and kill the little insect that was tickling my arm – I mean, between tiny flying things and aphids, it’s not that uncommon to have something crawling on your arm around here (we may live in Helsinki, but we live in a suburb with nice yards and patches of forest – almost like countryside). Usually these little crawlers are easily killed but not this one. Nope. And I understood the reason, when I picked it up and looked at it. A damned tick! And then I picked another one from the back of the other dog. Nearly freaked out enough not to sleep.

I did though, sleep that is. For almost 12 hours I slept quite solidly. Would’ve slept even longer if it wasn’t for my husband who decided there around eleven that it was time to wake up and smell the coffee (obviously, waiting for me to get up and fix the cappucinos, since somehow mysteriously it has become my job).