Search engine terms top 5

Used to do this in my old blog approximately yearly. I check out the search terms for my blog more frequently than that, but I used to write a blog post every now and then. Haven’t done it even once while having my blog here on our own server – simply because for some unknown reason I haven’t had the statistics for a long time. WP-admin has only shown me unknown search terms so far. But now, after all this server struggle, it started working. Just like that. So, time for a little review 🙂

All time top five serach terms for posts on this server – 118 posts, 16 of them in English, since Jan 2013:

1) Sulfaatiton (sulfate-free – oh, don’t ask me why I’m writing this in English even though most search terms & results are in Finnish…), eri kombinaatioissaan, search result hit being “Sulfaatiton sopii kaikille“, which currently is also the Top 1 post in the Top posts list

2) OBH Nordica blender +/- a word or two. Referred post would be the R.I.P. OBH Nordica blender, story (in Finnish) of the blender that died

3) Akustikusneurinooma (acoustic neuroma) and variations. Obviously, searches of this can end up on multiple different pages or Home of my blog site, The Healing Diary being more than just a post; it is my full neuroma story.

4) Maanantaiaamu (Moday morning). Seems I am not the only one with Monday morning troubles 😛 This search can lead you to any of these three posts.

5) Actually, the rest of them are a tie. A bunch of funky search terms, like kello bhut, polaki pajupillissä or libexec.backboardd (don’t ask, I don’t know). And then some that actually make sense, like vartiosaaren huvilatstephen kingin kuuluisimmat teokset and andalusianrottaterrieri luonne. And then a couple that were supposed to end up in my husband’s blog “terminal prompt”, running on this same server, except that it’s not running right now (how to update terminal prompt openbsd).

As for the old System Failure for the Masses, it is sill up and running and served as a temporary posting platform while we were having server probs, and is my vast blog archive, of course! It still gets quite a lot of traffic, living its own life in the Interwebs. For the past year, the top five has been:

1) tulistuva lapsi (child with a flaring temper) / impulssikontrollihäiriö (impulse control disorder), which basically lead to the same theme of posts.

2) kolibri (humming bird, referring to my tattoo)

3) pun intended

4) lumierä (has to do with snow, but really means losing without scoring in e.g. table tennis)

5) Jaha, can’t pick out any winners out of the rest of the stuff again, so a few examples on the funniest search terms here: tamagotchien yhdistäminentalvella tansseihin toppahousuissahondan autoradio arpoo kanavaa jatkuvasti, robinin nimmari ja pelleasut. Oh, the list is long, but I’ll leave it at this this time!


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