Sweet spring sun

After the long dark and cold winter time, when the rain has melted most of the snow and the sun comes out, warming the world sweetly, the people of these northern hemispheres get out of their little holes and onto their yards, out to the sun, and the world seems to be alive again. After two springs in an appartment building, we have truly been enjoying our own yard with this coming of the sping.

For a while there, I was afraid the snow would never melt, and the temperatures would never rise to tolerable levels again. But of course, I was wrong. Spring comes always. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but it comes. It’s not warm enough just yet to have breakfast on the terrace, even though it gets the early sun, partly. But by noon, for the second cup of espresso, the terrace already has warmed sufficiently. Sufficiently to have the backdoon open for several hours, just like all the neighbors have too.

Yesterday we started hauling our summer stuff out of the storage. Those chairs and little garden tables and deck chairs. Half of our terrace was still buried under a huge pile of snow, where all the snow from the drive way had been dumped to all winter long. But there was enough snow-free space there for a couple of those chairs and a table.

The girls scurried out to the yard too to play ball and run around and whatnot. They spotted the water hose and wanted to wash our cars, so that they did! The driveway wasn’t exactly in the sun, and the water was cold, but it didn’t seem to bother the girls. They were having fun! And I was bathing my face in the sun while my boyfriend was potting some herbs there on the yard. Birds were chirping and crocuses were blooming. Perfect!

The one thing we still miss here, is a grill, a barbeque. We both had one in our “previous life”, but none anymore. It’s on our near-future shopping list. We went to the store yesterday and got a bit carried away by the spring, getting some mushrooms and sausages to grill, even though we don’t yet have that grill. We have an old disposable picnic grill, and thought we could just use that one. It wouldn’t burn properly at all, so we ended up cooking the stuff inside. Besides, it was already too cold again to be eating outside anyway.

Today I decided that the mountain of snow simply had to go from our veranda. So I dug in with my shovel and shoveled away like that giant from that story where he says he can move a mountain but he can’t. I guess I don’t have that faith that moves mountains either, so I had to go about it with my shoulder muscles. But I did it! Freed almost the whole veranda. A 40cm deep pile on maybe four square meters. My muscles are sore now!

We also finally got our storage organized, and after that, I was beat! The girls went out to the park to play with the girls next door. They have an amazing amount of energy! They came home screaming hungry, we made some chicken salad, and two of them went back outside. First they planted some dill and chives in our big pots, then they played some football. And whined when at 20:30 I told them it was time to come inside to get ready for bed.

This has truly been a wonderful spring weekend! The first real spring days. With the sun in my face, the girls’ happy voices sounding like music to my ears, I watched my boyfriend – and as of rather recently, my fiancé – potting our thyme, and remembered how he was once playing with words, asking me if I’d be his “partner in thyme” when we were cooking. I can so very easily see him as my partner in time, or thyme ;) Life is good :)


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