Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Duh! Like, no! The weather outside is not exactly frightful anymore, though snow IS still coming down. The wind has calmed down quite a bit and the flakes are drifting down gently. The scenery outside our windows is like a black and white postcard.

Yesterday was a different story altogether! I woke up to the sounds of snow plows going up and down our street and wind howling in the corners of the house. Snow was coming down sideways and tke temperature was a few degrees below zero – which with the wind meant something a whole lot more. I decided, with a headache and all, that I'm not putting my nose out of the door, home office day it was.

Poor daughters needed to plod to the bus stop in that horrid weather, and make their way to school. The middle one's lucky: her bus stop is right in front of our house, and it seemed to me that the bus was on time too. But the oldest and the youngest need to walk almost a kilometer to the stop, and yesterday they called me after standing there for more than twenty minutes freezing their butts off, that the bus still has not come.

I had just finished my breakfast in bed, and started pulling some warm clothes on, preparing to go rescue the girls if the bus simply would not come. I was almost tempted to tell them to return home, but I guess that wouldn't have been politically correct… I went outside to inspect my car; it was only half covered with snow, for thanks to Antti-stormwinds that blew sideways by our house, most of the snow had flown right åast my car. Even the driveway was still drivable without major shoveling.

Still, before getting to work with the snow, I called the girls for a status check. Good thing I did, for while I was getting dressed, the bus had finally come and they were on their way to school. So I returned inside, took my laptop and climbed upstairs to the bedroom and placed myself comfortably on the bed, under the blanket and proclaimed that my office for the day.

After my second cappucino I decided that some grocery shopping would be in order, for due to the breakfast and those cappucinos we were out of milk and eggs. And maybe a few other things were needed as well. I remembered that Alepa has been advertising an online store, so I surfed to their web site and found foodie.fm that, yup, delivers food home even the same day as the order is made.

Our delivery store is a Prisma (like a Walmart), so actually quite a bit better than a small Alepa. I surfed through the categories and wished they had metadata based product search and navigation instead of that structural one, but found what was needed and placed my order. Ten euros for delivery, but with Antti storming outside, it felt so totally worth it! The delivery was slightly late of schedule (which was no surprise considering the weather) and missing a couple items, but otherwise perfect. Easiest grocery shopping ever!

After I was done with the day's work, I forced myself into some winter gear again and out to the storm to shovel some snow from the driveway. It's not like I was about to be going anywhere by car, but in all due decency I thought I ought to do my part in clrearing the driveway, at least enough to make it possible to get onto the driveway from the street; the neighbors could then finish it up.

Despite the storm and freezing weather I was sweating like a pig after the task. I guess I had sort of overestimated the cold and shoveling snow is quite an exercise in itself. I took a shower and started to prepare myself for the company Christmas party that was in the evening. The buses had been running quite steadily during the day, so I thought I'd be fine taking the bus to the restaurant even in that weather.

I stood there on the bus stop in front of our house for maybe twenty minutes, staring at the display that informed me that the next bus would come in 2 minutes, no wait! 6 minutes, no! make it 2 again, no! 5, um, maybe 15? At that point I was already digging for my phone, ready to text myself a taxi, but right at that moment the bus finally came and I hopped in.

In the city I got off the bus and onto a tram. The trams seemed to be in quite a lot of trouble with the snow, but moving anyway. A few stops down though the tram driver announced that actually, that one wasn't continuing to the intended destination, hop off and get on next one. So we did, me and a bunch of other people. There was something wrong with the heater in that one: it was freezing even inside the tram.

Eventually I got to my destination anyway, warmed myself up with a glass of steming hot glögi, had a nice meal with my work pals and at around eleven when the others were heading to a bar in the city center I texted myself a taxi and came home to my warm bed. I must be getting old.

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