Rainy days never say goodbye

This is a long one, and it started in English, so it’s all in English – sorry for all who find English hard to read. At least the pics are multilingual ;) This is sort of a narration of my road trip (summerplace for one night, relatives’ dairy farm for two and Visulahti for two as well and a visit to my mom’s on our way back home) with my girls, but not the conventional type of narration. More like a collection of happenings and impressions that I wrote down each night before going to sleep. Filtered through this summer’s ever-present rain or prospect of rain.
Friday, July 11
There had been the distant rumble of thunder, but only a light drizzle reaches us at the summercottage. The day had been windy, gusts pulling and pushing our car on our way, but only a soft breeze blew over the lake at the summerplace.
By nightfall the rain had stopped and the breeze died, leaving the lake still, like a mirror, the surface disturbed only by random fish popping up to catch insects, and a herd of waterbugs swarming in the vicinity of the shoreline. Bats the size of robins flew over the lake without a sound. Funny thing about bats is that their wings don’t flap and they don’t leave a trace in a photo; it’s like they’re only illusions.
The night was cool as I sat on a boulder watching the bugs and the bats, wondering where all the mosquitos had gone as I was totally undisturbed by any. The sky was mostly clear, with only wisps of clouds stretching accross the sky, like careless strokes of a painter trying to make the sky more vivid. Only one corner of the horizon held the memory of the rainy evening. Right there where the sun, barely dipping below the horizon before rising again, still made the sky glow with a faint orange, there was a soft gray fluff. Reminding that there had been rain, foretelling that there was more rain to come.

IMG_0006  IMG_0001

The night wasn’t silent, tho. In the corner of the bay, someone was giving his best with a balalaika or such, others apparently singing to the playing. The fish were plopping, as they caught insects from the lake surface. There was a distant hum of a highway, a distant roar of an airplane heading somewhere. Gulls were screaming their protests over somthing or other, giving out warnings. Other birds were chirping away even at the darkest hour, still not all that dark in July, in mid-Finland.
I fell deep in my thoughts until the coldness of the rock and the air seeped through my clothing. Needed to go back inside and get warm. Needed to get som sleep before another day of traveling with the kids.
Saturday, July 12
Another rainfront reached us before the morning broke. I woke up after a couple hours of dreamless coma and had trouble falling back to sleep again. I managed to toss and turn in my bed for a few hours until I gave up when my little one came for about the third time to urge me up to come to the toilet with her. I opened my eyes to see a daisy beside my pillow: a gift from my big one. Of course I dried it, pressing it inside my book.
The day wound out as gloomy and rany as it began. Dark gray clouds hung low, but even lower traveled a veil of mist, advancing with the swift wind. We were standing on the windy platform up in Puijo tower in Kuopio, staring at the foggy scenery with clouds above us and the mist moving below us through the forests on the hillsides of the Puijo valley. We didn’t stand there for long, as the wind was hard and cold and a drizzle crept inside our clothes.
We went for ice creams in the café down one level. Ice cream is the thing to eat in the summer, despite how cold the summer is ;) Although, I opted for a pastry and a cup of coffee – and accidentally poured cream into it instead of milk, yuch. We continued to scan the surroundings through the windows: Kuopio city, lots of forests, lakes and fields, and the ski jump towers right below us. I tried to persuade the kids for a hike down the dirt road to take a closer look at the towers, but no, they didn’t want to. Too darn cold.
IMG_0037  IMG_0040
Towarss the evening the clouds broke again and it was actually a lot warmer outside when we were going to bed at the dairy farm of our distant cousins, than it had been all day. Probably due to the lack of wind again, but it was sort of promising. I could hope, at least.
But while the weather outside was getting better, the storm clouds were gathering up inside. The girls had spent the whole evening in the barn with the cousins (fifth generation cousins, to be exact) and all seemed swell. But by the time it was time to go to bed, the sisters were fighting and shouting, big one being utterly selfish and even mean, teasing the little one, leaving her out of the loop again. And the little one reacted by turning into a pest, until she was hurt enough to be able to simply cry. A heartbreaking cry. I did some lecturing, consoling my little one, yapping at my big one, who stared back at me with a stubborn look. I tried to reason with her, in vain, it seemed.
I fell asleep, hoping for a better day in this respect as well as the weather respect.
Sunday, July 13
The morning dawned sunny and warm. My big one ran off to the barn with the cousins as soon as she opened her eyes while my little sleepyhead was still fast asleep, under the mosquito net. a while later the big one barged back in to announce it was absolutely hot outside.
IMG_0079  IMG_0083
After breakfast I took my camera and my sunglasses and went for my customary walk down to the lakeshore. All the way to the peak of the small dock, where I sat enjoying the solitude, only the sounds of nature around me. I let my thoughts fly with the breeze, watching the happy play of big dragonflies in and above the reed, hovering and dancing, like miniature helicopters.
IMG_0094  IMG_0095
The sun was hot on my skin, but clouds were advancing again, gathering up with the promise of another rainfall. It was hours, though, before the rain came, so I had plenty of tume to return to the house, swap my camera into a book and sit on the front lawn of the house, reading, baking in the sun.
The kids paired up for the day, the big one going surprisinlgy with the youngest cousin, a boy one year younger than my big one, and the little one playing with the middle one of the cousins, a girl almost exactly the age of my big one. All was peaceful. And at some point all four were together again, in the pastures and in the barn, feeding the calves and watching the cows being milked.
IMG_0140  IMG_0141 
By the time the milking was over, it was absolutely pouring again. The kids ran accross the yard back to the house, one at a time, wet and smelling like cows. It was indoor activities after that, until it was time to go to sleep. And my girls didn’t fight once :) The big one didn’t scream even when the little one went into pest mode again, taking the big bunny and messing up the big sister’s bed.
I retrieved my little one from the room, and the big smiled at me, saying: "I’m not noticing her at all… But would you straighten up my bed, mom?" I stooped down to kiss her forehead and told her I was proud of her attitude. Then I picked the little pest under my arm and straightened the bed with my other hand. How did I manage that? I dunno, but I did. Mom’s are capable of weird stuff :P
Monday, July 14
The world has gone crocs. I’ve sure noticed all the crocs before too, but at Visulahti it’s like everyone and their brother is wearing them! Beginning with the smallest of toddlers, ending with the burliest of men. Wonder when the crocs-mania goes out. I mean, they’re not exactly stylish, they look rather stupid actually. And despite what people say they’re not even comfortable – not that I can say that with a lot of conviction tho, since my sole experience with crocs is trying them on in a supermarket, simply to try to find out what the appeal is. And well, pulled a null.
Ok, I admit, my kids have crocs. Because my big one wanted a pair to use at school instead of slippers, and of course my little one wanted a pair too if the big sister got one. But turns out, my big one still walks around school in socks, and the little one used them at daycare a couple times only. They used them at the summerplace in June, I think, but not since. They’re not too impressed with crocs after all, and now they are in some storage-thingy somewhere in our house.
We had a peaceful drive from the farm down to Visulahti. Not too long, not too hot, being as it was that even tho it was +22 degrees C outside, it was cloudy and so the air conditioning in our car had no trouble keeping it a nice +22,5 degrees C inside the car. It wasn’t raining either, so it was a fine weather for driving. But a bit cold for ice creams on a lake shore.
IMG_0162  IMG_0170
In the evening we did have a rain shower, conveniently just as we were already back in our cabin after scouting the surroundings: a playground by the minigolf and frisbee golf, the already closed motor park and finally the fireplace where we grilled a few sausages to go with a bag of cheese snacks. A healthy and nourishing supper :P But hey, we’re on holiday! And we DID have some strawberries, cucumber, bananas and apples along with ham sandwiches earlier on.
Tuesday, July 15
Ok, I have to admit that crocs would’ve been a pretty convenient choice of shoes for a day at Dinosauria. We woke up to the sound of rain hammering the cabin roof, and even tho it had stopped by the time we’d consumed our breakfast and were ready to rock’n roll, it was soddy and soaking wet everywhere. Dinosauria is like a huge playground, full of those places where kids can go jumping – but without shoes – so it was an endless shoes off-shoes on-shoes off-shoes on -game. It would’ve been easier in crocs than in soaken wet sandals and sneakers.
Wetness, windyness, cloudiness, coolness of air, the shoe-game, none of it did nothing, tho, to lessen the enthusiasm with which the kids roamed about. Every single place needed to be explored and tried out, including the mini-formulas, a ride in a raft around the "jurassic island", golf cars, and whatnot. They even swam for a few hours, sliding down the water slides, fooling around in the pools.
IMG_0193  IMG_0210
IMG_0192  IMG_0237 
I watched my kids enjoy themselves, following them around, losing sight of them every now and again, feeding them, getting to read a little, waiting for the rare sunny moments, dreading the dark clouds. The sun did share it’s warmth every now and then and the clouds didn’t rain down until we were already heading out, via the souvenir shop.
It rained while we were in the shop. It rained again while we were at the fireplace (under a roof), grilling some marshmallows. And it rained when we were snuggly back in our cabin, where we were happy to find out that the electricity was back on. It was out when we left in the morning (oh, ok, almost noon), supposedly some damage made by lightning somewhere. But my cider was cold in the evening, so I guess the electricity had been back for a while then.
Wednesday, July 16
The La Salle of 1936 was pretty awesome. As was the Fords A and T, from the 1920’s. Mika Häkkinen was pretty lively, but I wouldn’t have recognised Teemu Selänne without his Mighty Ducks gear. The girls ran through the car museum and soon enough started to pester me to come out already. The wax cabinette was more interesting, but more intimidating as well, so they pretty much hung from my arms there, practically waiting for the wax images to come to life.
IMG_0306  IMG_0331  IMG_0332
The clouds kept the sky gray for most of the day. At my mom’s place the kids didn’t even linger out in the yard too long, tho usually they like to play outside rather than inside. But it was cold, I don’t blame them.
While the kids played net-games, we went through my mom’s belongings. I’ll take this, but not that. Store that, I don’t want it now, but please, don’t throw it away either. It felt rather weird, I mean, it’s not like she’s dead yet! And yet, there we were, going through her stuff. I think mom came up with less stuff to take with her to the Canaries than I decided to salvage from there. I drove home with three cardboard boxes and a plastic bag – books mostly, and some pictures and paintings.
The sun was setting in the horizon, the sky almost clear, and the girls were asleep when I parked the car in front of my grandma’s place. My husband was home, he carried the kids inside and together we tucked our girls into bed. A chit-chat and some Dooleys with the man at the kitchen table and then to sleep. Our road trip was over.
Whew! It really takes time to type down this much text, even prewritten. And fiddling with the pics… The day was pretty far already, when I finally had it all down and went to brush my teeth and take a shower. The trip was nice, tho I did wish we would’ve been there as a family. That time will come again, I know, but still… Its nice to be back home again, too, whatever home is at the moment.
Right now I seem to have a weird hand of cards in this pokergame called life. Full of aces that don’t seem to sum up to a decent hand – I must be reading my jokers wrong or something. But the game’s not over yet!

3 thoughts on “Rainy days never say goodbye

  1. oih, crocsit on aivan ihanat! mulla on ne koulussa työkenkinä ja tottkarissa on feikkicrocsit. mä en tiä mitään mukavampia kenkiä ainakaan noihin kahteen paikkaan. eihän ne tietenkään oo mitenkään kauniit, mutta musta ehkä enemmän söpöt kun rumat. ehkä mä en kuitenkaan lähtis niiden kanssa mihinkään bilettämään… :D

  2. Croksit on oikeasti tosi hyvät jalassa,..kokeileppa aivan aitoja joita myydään muutamassa liikkeessä Suomessa. niitä voi pitää läpi vuoden, talvellakin jalassa.Ne voi pestä pesukoneessa, eivätkä ne mene miksikään.Ne ovat ilmavat, ja pehmeät jopa kävelylenkillä:)En yhtään ihmettele miksi mukavuudesta on tullut niin iso osa Suomalaiseten elämää,vaikka ne aluksi näyttävät hassun näköisiltä ne tuntuvat juhlavilta jaloissa.heh.Tunnistamis ongemlamna voi poistaa koristeilla(naurattaa ihan sikana)jotka tungetaan niihin reikiin.Omansa löytää helposti.HIh hih.
    Jos sinun kirjoittaminen kesti pitkään, niin kesti mun lukeminenkin.Eilen olin niin väsynyt etten edes yrittäny mutta nyt onnistuin lukemaan koko tarinan läpi ja muodostamaan oman näkemyksini teidän reissusta.Osaat kyllä todella hyvin kirjoittaa englanniksi, nostan hattua ja lasin kuoharia sen kunniaksi.Minä vain sujuvasti luen, koska kirjoittaminen ja sanojen oikeinkirjoitus on hakusessa suomeksikin.Joitain sanoja pitää miettiä, mutta luulen että suurinpiirtein sen hahmotin msitä on kyse.
    Oikein mukavaa viikonloppua ja toivotaan ettei sataisi!S

  3. ongemlamna -tirskahdus!Koska mä oikeesti opin kirjoittamaan oikein.Ongelma oli tarkoitus tuossa kohdassa lukea,..mutta se oli niin vaikea kirjoittaa.

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