No, I’m really not bored

People are complaining about being bored at home now that the world is kinda closed and everybody should just stay home. That, being bored, is an opportunity I have yet to have. Even though our dance school is closed now and I have two more evenings at home during the week (yes, really, that was the extent of my away-from-home hobbies), I feel like I have even less time for everything.

I have always a gazillion small or big projects and ideas just waiting for me to have time for them. I work long hours – really, remote working hasn’t slowed that down in the least; more like I’m working even more than average right now. It’s the busiest time of spring for me at work, remote on not, Corona or not. I have dozens of books just waiting to be read and always a couple in the reading. We have remodelling projects going on always, and there’s the daily and weekly tasks like cooking for people and dogs, laundry and other such stuffs.

No, I do not have idle time. On the contrary, I still pick and choose and prioritize what I do in my free time. I try to have time to read every evening, but it doesn’t always happen. I try to spend some time with daughter every evening; she pretty much makes sure that at least happens always 😉 I go out with the dogs, and now that the weather is getting nicer and daughter is getting bored at home, we try to go out for longer walks with the dogs together.

Sometimes I dream of having so much time on my hands that I actually get done with everything and find myself bored shitless. I know you should be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it. No, I don’t want to be unemployed or anything and it’s not likely either being that our company is exactly in this modern remote working business as a cloud consultation company. Just, a few month sabbatical or something would be nice.

Is suppose there’s three things here:

1) I’m quite good at entertaining myself with writing, reading, and photography, all of which go before any Netflix series or movies currently. There’s times I watch a lot of Netflix, then there’s times when I only watch movies when daughter asks me to watch one with her.

2) My husband is quite good at keeping me busy – no, don’t go there, nothing X-rated about this! As I said there’s the remodeling and renovation stuff going on in this house of ours and when my husband does things, he doesn’t do things half-assed, so things take time. He also has a bit higher domestic standards than the bohemic little me, so there’s always stuff to do around the house (even as under-cleaned the place remains).

3) I don’t live alone. There’s always stuff to do when you have dogs and kids (though there’s only one left here now). Oh, and a spouse. Not to forget the spouse 🙂

If I now had too much time and too little to do right now, while stuck at home, I’d do some online dance classes (not to say I might not get to that anyway!), since due to this Corona stuff our dance school is offering video dance classes on their website. I’d also watch some Broadway shows, at least for the seven day free trial (if I had too much time I probably would get the subscription too). I’d also go more for longer walks outside, as long as the weather permits. I’d take my camera with me – and be fiddling with the photos a long time again afterwards.

In case you’re very bored, you can also read my daily jaddajaddas about my #coronageddon on my diary page 😀

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