Our kitchen is finally fully functional, albeit it’s still missing tiles and some sanding of the counter tops and the cooker hood. Our home is finally free of tools and (other such) stuff, vaccuumed properly for the first time and tidy. Actually, it WAS tidy yesterday, but then we had a party.

On Tuesday we finally tied the knot and said I do and [insert cliché here] as we got married at the local registry office with our family only present (our teens, my sister, and my dad and his wife) No big parties then; our “reception” was coffee and cheesecake in our still then messy home, for those present at the ceremony only.

Yesterday we had a kick-ass wedding kick-off party with grilled cheeseburgers and hot dogs, home made cole slaw, baked beans, and some cheesecakes, awesome friends, and good music. Some Prosecco, beer, long drinks, sodas and a vodka watermelon. Last guests left at three am.

Today we’re not doing any kitchen work, hardly even picking up the mess, more like just nursing hangovers with left over food and drinks 😉

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