Saving your hol(e)y socks for a rainy day

There are two types of people. Those who save everything for a rainy day and those who throw away anything they haven't needed in the past 10 minutes or so. And then there are those who don't know which group they belong to and end up saving totally useless stuff for sentimental reasons and thowing away useful things just because they didn't need them in the past 10 minutes. Or 5 years. Or something.

Me and my husband are of those kind. Those who can have a whole lot of junk in our storage room, just because, and then when we need something we know we (or either one of us) once posessed, it can be found nowhere. Of course, both of us have gone through multiple house movings and divorce and all that during the past years, so I guess it's sort of evitable that things end up missing even when they're not deliberately thrown away. Or maybe the “ex” got it. It's kinda easy to pin it on them, you know.

No, I'm really not pro hoarding. Even we have way too much stuff even now. Mostly just useful stuff, though. And no, I'm not pro saving all of your holey socks just because one day your spouse may have a busted ankle and need a spare sock to mutilate for usage under the ankle brace. But it did help to find old pairless socks in the drawers, though, so I didn't need to be screwing up perfectly good and usable ones.

As the story goes, all winter long my husband was wearing a pair of socks per day, and ending up throwing away the other sock (or both) when they wore out and got holes in them. It's not like he wore out a pair of socks in a single day, but his sock storage seems to have reached a point of “old”. “That's what you get for buying 20 pairs of socks all at the same time, they all wear out at the same time too”, retorted my husband, when I was rolling my eyes.

Now, though, when I busted my ankle and need to be wearing a plastic icky ankle support that makes my leg sweat like h*ll, and needed a nice thin absorbing bamboo sock to use between my leg and the brace, do you think that there was one single holey sock left in the drawer? Nope, you guessed it. Not even one.

But, since we are the kind of people who save random stuff for random reasons, I happened to have a bunch of pairless socks that are too short to be used under the brace, but work fine on top of it, for that is actually needed too to keep the brace snugly in place. As irony has it, the one I picked out is damned near holey in the heel ;) Oh, why does it have to be pairless? Because I cut the toe-part off approximately from the middle of the foot; I mean, it IS summer! I'm so NOT wearing socks, no sir!

And my husband happened to have a drawer full of socks he no longer likes to use and he found me an old pairless army dress sock (shh, don't tell anybody!) that I cut similarily half of the foot part away, and use it underneath of the brace. It's thin and long enough too. This whole system is like a boot on my leg, tight, snug, ok to wear. Except when sitting in the sun. It's hot. And makes an awkward boot stripe in my leg tan.

The sun actually has come out again, and yesterday and today have finally been more or less summery warm days. I've been relaxing out on the patio in my deck chair, just like one should on summer vacation. And I'm NOT wearing my ankle boot there. Which means that when I plant myself in the chair, I'm not getting up for quite some time. I'd need a maid ;)


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