Rainy days never say goodbye

Saturday was sunny. I headed out to town for an extended family gathering with my sister, cousins, uncle and godmother. I was a bit early walking toward the restaurant, desperately craving for a cappucino, but had chosen a route without a single proper (on non- for that matter) coffee shop. I detected a souvenirs & coffee sign by a door next to the Helsinki Cathedral and decided to go in for a look, in hopes of some decent coffee.

Oh, they sold coffee all right. In a pump thermos. I dismissed the thought and settled on a peachy sparkling water instead, for I was a bit thirsty to, I noticed. In principal, I don't buy bottled still water in Finland; for a country with nearly endless supplies of drinkable water the bottled water is ridiculously expensive. I mean, you can get cheaper bottled water nearly anywhere in the world, including probably Sahara.

Holding my peachy Novelle, having sated my thirst, I stepped out the long stairway of the Cathedral. It was full of people sitting on the steps, hanging out, wating for the Pride action to begin. I stood there, leaning on a railing, watching people gather up to Senaatintori, the music getting louder, a dance group start their show on the steps, all that, until it was time to cross the Senaatintori to the restaurant on the other side.

We had a nice Saturday brunch, although I must say I was exhausted and it showed. I even got my cappucino for dessert ;) After the brunch I went is search of a new notebook to make do for a new diary. I have been filling diary after diary since I was ten years old. Number 17 is down to its last leaf, so I needed a new one. Found a nice one in a bookstore, peeked inside a clothes store, and took the bus home.

By the time I was back home my ankle was badly swollen again. It's been fine walking with it, the ankle not hurting much at all, but any time I strain it more, walking too much, it swells up nastily. So I spent the rest of the Saturday mostly off of my feet, right foot propped up one way or the other. Except for our dinner out on the patio. It was one of the rare sunny mellow evenings, so we were sitting out until the evening chill hit us.

The chill rolled in, together with the rain clouds. Again. Sunday dawned as gray as can be. Rainy all day long. Early afternoon we put Meggie in the car crate and piled into the car (well, only the three of us, for oldest and youngest are with their dad, so we're having a one kid only -week) and drove to my sister's, for her daughter's two year birthday party. Meggie was so nicely and calmly there, in a strange place with a bunch of kids. Making mommy proud ;)

Rainy Sunday turned into a rainy night. We went to bed quite early – have I mentioned lately how exhausted I am all the time nowadays? I set my alarm for 7:45 even though it was my first real day of summer vacation. We had an appointment at 9:30 with my daughter's doctor. You know, how you never seem to get morning appointment when you need them bacause of work, and then when you're on vacation it's the only option?

Anyhow, I went to sleep so early that even that would've given me a long enough night sleep. But as it happened, I woke up at 6:22 to the dog trembling against my leg. I thought she might've been having a nightmare like she sometimes has, and pulled her up against me to calm her down. But she just kept shaking. And then when I lifted her a little bit to move her to the other side, she gave a yelp. Or a shriek.

She woudn't stop trembling at all, and became very stiff, like she was hurting if she moved even one muscle. She didn't want to go for a walk, nor walk down the steps. She was being lethargic all morning long. We were getting quite anxious, and when the vet finally opened up and answered their phone, I made an appointment to have Meggie checked up.

So, daughter's doctor in the morning, Meggie's doctor in the afternoon. Meggie actually seemed to miraculously heal right before going to the vet :D We went to take her for a short walk before getting into the car, and suddenly she had her usual pep in her step again. The vet checked her all over and could find nothing wrong with her anymore. There didn't seem to be any pain anywhere anymore. A relief! But what a scare she gave us!

When we got home, she asked to go for a walk, again, and so I took her for a little bit longer walk around the fields. She was doing fine, I didn't detect any strangeness whatsoever again, and I was feeling good, relieved. And then I fell. I stepped on a pebble or a small rock or something on a dirt path some 300 meters from home. It was my turn to yelp and shriek. I hunched down in pain, wondering if I could walk home.

Carefully I got up and put some weight on my foot, trying to limp along. But it hurt too much, so I just limped to a rock nearby, sat down and called my husband to come pick us up. I seriously could not walk. He was there for us in a couple minutes and ordered me to make a doctor's appointment for myself, in turn. That I did, and got an appoinment for tonight. Soon to be leaving.

My life. It could be a bit easier, you know, I wouldn't complain at all. But I don't really have any other choices than to live the one I've got. Hardships come and they go, and lately I've been in the middle of a damned hurricane sending cows and trees and whatnot flying my way, rain and lighting and storm winds. I would sure hope it would pass soon, preferably without leaving a total disaster zone behind.

[P.S. No bones broken, but ligaments yes, and they gave me an ankle support telling me to use it for two weeks “or else…”]


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