So that was Christmas

Is it pathetic or what, that I actually needed to google how to turn off the spelling check on Firefox? Then again, I can't make up my mind whether it's my fault or theirs, but I'm leaning on “theirs”. I mean, it is actually hidden in the config file of Firefox, instead of being where it should be, in the browser properties (Mozilla, I'll be tweetin' this, hope you hear me!).

Ok, I know, no one (else) cares, so I'll switch to other topics (that probably are equally (dis)interesting to anyone but me, but anyway). Christmas came and went, as it always does, every year. I was a day late in mailing my mom's Christmas package to the Canaries so she got it two days after Christmas instead of for Christmas. And I got my niece a little something only yesterday, for other reasons.

On the other hand, we started Christmas celebrations a bit early, with my dad, grandmother, and ex-sister-in-law with her children coming to visit on Saturday evening. I took the opportunity to do some Christmas baking for the occasion, so I made a bunny carrot cake and brownies (that turned into cookies for being baked in a too large pan), and we had some crackers and cheese and pate, carelian pies with egg-and-butter spread, and small salty pastries on the table, and had a great evening.

Our Christmas (Eve, of course) meal was a stuffed (with pomegranate, pear and walnuts) turkey with sauce and a green beans and mushrooms casserole, after hors d'ouvres of salted and smoked salmon, and salmon and minoe caviars. No dessert – I mean, seriously, who can stomach a dessert after a proper Christmas meal? Too many times left uneaten, we didn't make any. Instead we ripped apart and ate the gingerbread house later in the evening.

All of our daughters were here for the Christmas. There was some “why can't we open some gifts already?” whining after we had our traditional “riisipuuro” (rice porriage) and some “can we open them NOW?” whining after the Christmas meal, especially from the youngest one. But we had sauna, and the girls had some fun together, and the oldest ones helped clean up the kitchen. And THEN they played Santa's helpers and unwrapped their gifts.

In the evening we watched a couple of movies together: the Risto Räppääjä the girls had got for Christmas and Indiana Jones and the Raid for the Lost Arc, devouring that gingerbread house while watching the movies. Around midnight the house was quiet again, as we all crashed into our beds, exhausted.

It had been snowing all day Christmas Eve, and it was only getting worse on Christmas Day. Still, we piled into the car, the trunk full of the girls' stuff and drove to Turku to take the middle one of the daughters to her grandparents. We got a traditional Christmas meal there, left the girl with her granparents and were on our way bakc home. It was one of the scariest trips of my life, that Christmas Day drive back home!

We dropped the rest of the daughters to their dad and came home to a quiet house. It's so different here when the girls are gone! They fill the house with life and laughter – and arguments and all that, too ;) I love it! But, even though I miss them when they are gone, I appreciate the still and quiet of the days when it's just the two of us home. Doing this and that around the house, enjoying peaceful evenings, sometimes with some nice wine and chocolate and cheese.

Soon it is a new year again. I hope it's a good one, without any fear ;)


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