Memories of Greece

On my way home from work the latest Maroon5 album ended, and I flipped Black Eyed Peas to the player. The Time (Dirty Bit) filled the car and instantly it took me back to Paradise Beach on Mykonos. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even play it there, but somehow the song is all that. Party, dancing, showers of bubbly, an almost ecstatic feeling.

Indeed, that is Tropicana Bar party @ Paradise Beach in one song! My boyfriend calls it hedonism one oh one. Dunno, but it sure is about having a good time – ’cause I had the time of  my life!

Just as strongly as that song takes me back to Mykonos, Madonna’s La Isla Bonita takes me back to Tinos. Nothing Spanish about Tinos, but the feeling in the song is 110%  the way I felt and still feel about Tinos! The sun, the sea, the nature, everything. I fell in love with Tinos.

This is where I long to be, la isla bonita! Oh, how I wish I could be there again!

And just to bring some humor to all the longing, my boyfriend and I adopted and twisted one song that was played at the Tropicana Bar, to be our own inside joke. Alexandra Stan’s Mr. Saxobeat (make me move like a freak) makes me move like a Greek ;)

My life will never be the same after experiencing Tinos and Mykonos, that’s for sure. Next week, first Greek class :) Make me speak like a Greek!

Someday! One day! I’m gonna get it right, my life! My keep on dreaming -song ;)

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